Dear Pet Owner,

If you need a dog walker, I highly recommend Best in Show. The owner, Steve, is a great guy who loves dogs and is very responsive to my changing schedule. The dogs love him and he provides me with daily updates of their walks or play and cuddle time. Due to his growing business, he has added a dog walker, Martha, who has not only taken great care of my dogs, but also provided some much needed tips. I have had no reservations at all about trusting Best in Show with my dogs or access to my home.Dolly, Lambeau

I have tried other dog walking companies. While I didn’t have any real complaints, there were different people coming every day. I wanted consistency for my dogs and my own peace of mind about having that strangers coming into my home. With Best in Show, I know exactly who will be here. Their rates are competitive but I feel that the service is much more personal.

I found Best in Show through a referral from a friend. Coincidentally, my neighbors also use Best in Show and also were referred by a friend. That’s about the best reference you can have!

Beth Ritchie
Madison, WI



Dear Pet Owner,

I got Steve’s name from a co-worker when I needed someone new to take care of my two 6-month-old goldendoodles.  Right away I noticed an improvement in their behavior – they were both much calmer when I came home from work and they both got significantly better on the leash.Goldendoodles Dog Walking

Besides being the right choice for my puppies, Steve has also been great to work with.   I have been so grateful for the messages after his visit with an update on how things went and any commands that Steve went over with my boys.  He has been so easy to work with in regards to any schedule changes and even managed to swing a vet visit when my one of my puppies needed to go in.

I would highly recommend Steve and his services to anyone!


Katie Rosenberg



Dear Pet Owner,

Steve started walking my rescue labs a couple of times each week a few months ago, and the transformation has been remarkable. My skittish seventy-pounder, Jordy, used to get very keyed up while outside, and would just drag me around the neighborhood on our walks. After working with Steve, he can now walk with slack in the leash and (usually J) sits on command or when we stop. My other guy, Monty, started walking with Steve as a puppy, and does really well on the leash.Reccomended Dog Walking

It’s such a relief to know that they’re in good hands while I’m at work. Steve leaves written updates each visit, has called when one of the pups was sick, and asks if there’s anything new that he can help them work on. I knew it was a good match when Jordy just *had* to sit near him for the duration of our intro meeting.

I’d definitely recommend Steve to anyone that needs dog walking or pet sitting, especially if you could use some extra training backup.


Stephanie Braunschweig



Recommended dog walker

You need to know how much we have appreciated your help with our new pup. The original idea was to find someone to let him out during the day while we were at work; what we got was SO much more. Roman’s start in our home was rough- he did not get the idea of housebreaking, response to commands were inconsistent, he yanked hard on his leash and seemed bent on chewing up every item in the house, including the kids. After a few days with you, the housebreaking light popped on, he would sit, stay, down and come perfectly and is now walking at heel. The energy he expends during his days with you has eliminated his destructive streak entirely and he plays with children safely. Your training of our dog made all the difference- we can’t thank you enough.


Rich and Kerri Modjeski

Oregon WI



Dear Pet Owner,

I cannot begin to express my sincerest thanks for all that Steve Goetter has done for our puppy Oliver.

Steve has provided exceptional care for our puppy for the past several months. Oliver was four weeks old when we brought him home, and we needed someone we could trust to feed and care for him while both of us were at work. After meeting with Steve, and seeing how he interacted with our new pup, we decided to give him a try. We have been very pleased with his performance ever since.

Oliver has been a great addition to our family, however, he did have some behavioral issues to work through (due to the young age at which he came home with us). Steve has been instrumental in helping correct some of these issues by providing proper training. He has also been a huge help in teaching him new commands, and is very consistent in applying the house rules we have established for Oliver. He even taught our boy a few new tricks!

We highly recommend his services to all who seek an in home caregiver to their furbaby!


Jeremy and Lucia Eckes



Dear Pet Owner,

I have known Steve for many years, so I had no hesitation when I needed to find someone I trust to come into my home and care for my 2 dogs. I have a senior (14 year old) Shi Tzu and a puppy (1 year old), so it is important that they get the attention they need as individuals. Steve has been very accommodating at a moment’s notice while

Recommended Dog Walker

my family goes through health issues with my Dad who is out of state. Sometimes I know in advance when I need to be out of town and sometimes I don’t, but Steve is always very accommodating when I call and ask for his help.
When I am gone for a weekend, it is so much more convenient for Steve to come to my house! I don’t have to drive to the kennel or worry about scheduled pick-up times. My dogs are always very happy to see Steve! I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone.


Janis Henslee



Dear Pet Owner,

Steve at “Best in Show” is absolutely the best animal sitter ever! We travel a lot and always leave town in confidence knowing that he is caring for our large family of 3 dogs and 2 cats. Most recently, one of our dogs got sick while we were traveling and Steve took care of everything. He is a true professional who cares for both animals and their people.

Thank you, Steve!

Patty Glines-Kotecki